1. Torrey Moorman Torrey Moorman Puerto Rico says:

    Thank you, I came here to say the same. Lack of paid maternity leave, lack of support with paid paternity leave, lack of societal support for women in general, generates a lot of stress.

    We **know** the body can't produce adrenaline and oxytocin at the same time.

    We **know** pumping is not as effective as actually feeding baby at the breast.

    The US is the only "industrialized" country that doesn't have any form of universal health care nor a minimum of 12 weeks paid maternity leave (most civilized countries have a one year minimum paid leave, in addition to some kind of partner paid leave), and the breastfeeding rates reflect the support the birthing parent actually received.

    Almost all my clients lose /see serious reduction in supply in the first 4 weeks of work. After attending a workshop with Dr Jack Newman, I talked to my clients about removing the stress of pumping, and using SNS with either artificial breast milk or donated milk instead.

    Most see a return of their own supply in less than 6 months, and 70% are still breastfeeding at age 3. We need to alleviate the stress, not push galactogogues.....

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