1. Tina Simmons Tina Simmons United States says:

    R U kidding me don't eat this?! How about DONT SELL IT TO US CUZ KIDS ARE EATING TOXIC STUFF ALL DAY LONG CUZ U KEEP SELLING IT TO THEM LIKE RITZ, POP TARTS, SKITTLES, U NAME IT!!! Leaders in this country disgust me & frankly I'm shocked that in order to eat healthy & make sure I don't ingest toxic things from the food they sell, I gotta move to Europe! It's not far off from a 3rd world country no?!! Camt drink water in Mexico & can't eat anything in America or it'll kill you! Big biz & the leadership along w/the govt are ruining this entire country!! Morals should ALWAYS BE THE LAW FOR ANY COUNTRY NOT MONEY!! We still allow animal testing in places big biz sells tlegere it's legal like China! L'Oreal is one of em & it sickens me! I thot SeaWorld shut down the whale exhibit long ago but nope not even close. This HAS TO STOP WAKE UP PPL!! Every other popular beauty product Americans use haas known carcinogens in it thus European leaders remove it from the market. What does America's leaders do? NOTHING KEEP SELLING IT TO MAINLY KIDS NO LESS! Then they launch some over weight or obese kids marketing campaign to make u think they care just like the recent vape campain. They did that cuz cigs is a HIGE BIZ not cuz they care one bit about kids vaping or kids being over weight & dying from complications around it. I'm so tired of this country! Get a clue stop buying the crap & going to shows where it don't take aa genius to figure out the whales are being held captive in aaan inhumane enclosure! Enough Already !!!!!! 🤬☠️👎

    • Leslie Richardson Leslie Richardson United States says:

      Kinda all over the place, trying to cover everything, but absolutely! We the people have to wake up and start paying attention. Stop allowing our government officials to keep getting rich off us... jeopardizing our health and our freedoms for their pockets.
      Many years ago, a new product had to be tested vigorously before it was allowed to be sold. Now, nothing. After years of people using a product, the adverse reactions appear...then we are just warned. The product isn't removed from shelves or anything.
      And, Mr. "I've been using it for years", not everyone is affected in the same time frame or in the same way. Look at smokers....they all said they had been doing it for years and they weren't affected when the warnings came out for all of the illnesses caused by that. Now, where are they? Most have, at the least, emphysema, if not dead.

    • brian fabbri brian fabbri Canada says:

      Yes it's hard to discern or separate what is true and real research and science these days... So I plot this article and this forum.   The big business food giants will continue to deceive us... It's all of a profits.. human beings are simply puppets to make cash.... Sad isn't it.   Will continue to fight and educate ourselves for a better and healthier lifestyle

    • Steve Reston Steve Reston United States says:

      Very well written comment!
      Yes they tell us how bad things are for us but they keep selling them in the stores take hydrogenated products like peanut butter which many kids eat along with myself as an adult.
      Also they make all these lists about the dirty dozen foods that are bad for us yet they just keep selling them.

    • David Poe, BA, BSN, MS, RN David Poe, BA, BSN, MS, RN United States says:

      Whoa! Research like this informs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who may then do more research to confirm problems with food and drugs sold on the market. The whole process involves learning new things from research. Previously "healthy" foods may be found later to be harmful then removed from shelves. That's our government at work protecting you and me. The British equivalent of the US FDA has stricter standards for food and drug safety, than the US, in some cases.

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