Chemiluminescence imaging is the focus of GeneGnome XRQ. A simple setup procedure ensures that a single “click” will immediately capture a high-quality image of any western blot.

GeneGnome for chemiluminescence imaging

Image Credit: Synoptics Ltd

GeneGnome for chemiluminescence imaging

Image Credit: Synoptics Ltd


Dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system

Users will appreciate the sensitivity that chemi adds to Western blot imaging but dislike the drama of using film to achieve it. Users will obtain more than double the dynamic range of film when using the GeneGnome XRQ’s optimised short “camera to sample” technology, making it easy to examine picogram or femtogram protein levels without all the bother.

The GeneGnomeXRQ is a chemiluminescence imaging platform designed for high performance and automation, using a high quantum efficiency CCD camera.

The compact device takes up very little room when placed on any laboratory bench. Use of the GeneGnome XRQ necessitates an external PC.

The system has unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software and is operated by GeneSys application-driven image capture software.


Dedicated chemi imaging system

  • High quantum efficiency (QE) camera
    • Finds the faintest bands
  • Automated chemiluminescent capture
    • Flawless exposure without using film
  • Cooled camera
    • There is no distracting noise on the blots
  • Fixed lens controlled by GeneSys software
    • Users can visualise any manufacturer’s chemi reagents with a single click
  • GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies)
    • Utilise the user’s own computer to analyse data
  • Optimised for imaging chemiluminescence Western blots
    • To guarantee that even the smallest band on a blot can be caught, GeneGnome XRQ is set up for optimum sensitivity
  • Sensitive cooled camera
    • Low-level light emissions from a blot are particularly perceptible to the high quantum efficiency cooled CCD camera. Due to the peltier cooled camera’s excellent “signal to noise” ratio, background noise is essentially unnoticeable.
    • Working with chemiluminescence samples and reagents is easier by the close “camera to sample” distance. The dynamic range of the GeneGnome XRQ is more than twice as large as film. This makes exceedingly precise quantification possible.
  • Small footprint
    • The GeneGnome XRQ occupies extremely little bench space and has a small footprint. The automated slide-out drawer makes handling samples simple.
    • Since the lens’s aperture and focus are preset, barely any setup is required, making image capturing as easy as clicking a mouse button.
GeneGnome XRQ Tutorial

Video Credit: Synoptics Ltd